Get the punching bag that fits in your doorway for exhilarating boxing workouts at home or anywhere else.


Why Quiet Punch?

Space-Saving Design

The Quiet Punch was designed for people who want a punching bag that doesn't take up much space. Quiet Punch fits easily in any standard doorway and takes under one minute to set up and take down.


The Quiet Punch comes with a sensor that can track your punch count, punch strength, and can link you to other quiet punchers so you can work out together. Our app also comes with a feature that uses digital trainers to create custom workouts just for you.


We provide you with over 100 hours of subscription-free boxing workout content for no additional charge, unlike many other brands who charge a monthly fee for their content.


You can connect with thousands of other Quiet Punchers easily. We host live group boxing classes 4x per week through the Quiet Punch app. We also host Zoom classes 2x per week, where boxing trainers can work with you and help you improve your form.

The Buzz

What our boxing community has to say

I absolutely love having the ability to do a boxing workout from my home and the ability to take it with me when traveling. In fact, it was so great that I purchased a second Quiet Punch with a sensor 6 months later because I discovered that I could also use it for low kicks and for ab workouts. And now, in the days of COVID, having the ability to release stress at home through the use of a punching bag is phenomenal.

I’m an ex-pro boxer, age 50 ... bought Quiet Punch for my daughter and I think I use it more than she does. Great tool for warm up, cardiovascular, endurance workouts. A must purchase for anybody, any age!

This design is perfection. I don't have room for big, bulky bags and don't want anything permanently mounted to a wall or ceiling. Easy up and down, fantastic workout. No gloves needed and phenomenal support with both recorded and live workouts from the QP team. Amazing!

I LOVE my Quiet Punch, & the Quiet Punch Play system. It makes working out at home fun & easy! I no longer have to waste time going back and forth to a gym to knock out a few rounds, and especially during these weird times, I don't have to worry about my gym being closed down!

Just got mine yesterday and it's EXACTLY what I've been looking for! I live in a small apartment where I don't have room to set up a proper bag. This is a really quick set up that won't drive my neighbors nuts AND I'm able to get a really good quick workout in on the days I don't make it to the gym. I haven't had it long but overall the quality seems great!

I've had my Quiet Punch bag for a little over 3 years and I LOVE IT!!! It is such a great product that will give you the workout you're looking for from your home! The bag is easy to install, it won't damage your doorway, and it's compact, so storage is simple! There are several videos available for FREE that are easy to follow no matter what level you are at. Also, it's so much fun to use!!! Do yourself a favor, get a bag today! You won't regret it!

The Ultimate Home Boxing Experience

Designed by boxing instructors to make boxing workouts possible in any space

The Quiet Punch

The Quiet Punch Bag and Bars
Get exhilarating boxing workouts with the Quiet Punch. The durable bag and bars allow you to set up the bag in any doorway and have everything you need for a great workout. It fits in any standard doorway 28" - 36", and we provide free, no-hassle replacements if anything breaks during the first year. Setup is extremely easy, takes just 30 seconds, and won't damage your doorway.
Quiet Punch Content
Along with the bag and bars, you'll also get access to over 100 hours of Quiet Punch workout video content. There are video series for beginners, intermediates, and experts. They're also grouped by time from 5 minutes straight up to 20 minutes and longer, so you can run through workout routines that fit your schedule.
Quiet Punch Sensor
The Quiet Punch sensor enhances your workouts by tracking your punching power and punch count. It allows you to easily compete against friends or the wider Quiet Punch community. Perfect for keeping track of your improvement and competing against others.
Quiet Punch Play App
The Quiet Punch App houses all of the Quiet Punch content. It comes with interactive games, leaderboards, and workout routines for all skill levels. The app also creates personalized workouts in real-time for you. You can choose from different virtual trainers with their own workout intensity and style to get workouts that you love based on your personal style.
Phone Holder
A durable and convenient way to mount your phone on the Quiet Punch bar so you can easily use your device to view and follow along with workout content.

or 4 interest-free payments of $72.00 with

The Quiet Punch Boxing System

or 4 interest-free payments of $72.00 with

"This alternative punching bag fits right into a door frame so you can practice your best moves without sacrificing tons of space. It even comes with an app loaded with workout inspo."
"The reverberation is silent, so you can practice while not disturbing your neighbors or lovers, and the whole package is easily transportable and great for travel."
"If you’re looking for a small and silent punching bag, the Quiet Punch will be the right choice."
"Punch it out in a doorway or living room in your own home for a high-intensity, stress-relieving workout. Ortiz recommends the portable Quiet Punch, which was made by a former Work Train Fight employee."

How It Works

Simple 60 second five-step setup and takedown in doorways 28" - 36"
Step One
Expand top and bottom bars by selecting the pin hole that fits your doorway.
Step Two
Position top bar slightly above your head.
Step Three
Turn to fit snug in doorway, then hold bar with both hands and twist to add tension.
Step Four
Attach bag to straps located on the bar.
Step Five
Position bottom bar slightly below bottom hooks and repeat steps 3 and 4.

"I’ve taken Quiet Punch with me to many countries and many states to help me along with my boxing journey."

Stacia Suttles

2x National Boxing Champion, 2x International Medalist, 3x Team USA Boxer

Compare Quiet Punch

The most versatile smart punching bag on the market
Quiet Punch
Other Smart Heavy Bags
Traditional Heavy Bags

Smart workout-tracking technology

Space-saving design

100+ hours of subscription-free boxing content

Adjustable resistance

Portable and travel-friendly


Quiet Punch Programs

Just some of the amazing content available in the apps
5-Day Program

Beginner Level: 5 x 15-minute sequential workouts

10-Day Program

Beginner Level: 10 x 20-minute sequential workouts

20x10 Program

Beginner/Intermediate Level: 20 x 10-minute sequential workouts

20x20 Program

Intermediate/Advanced Level: 20 x 20-minute sequential workouts

Live Workouts

All Levels: 20-minute workouts with homework assignments

Zoom Workouts

All Levels: 20-minute workouts with personal instruction