Quiet Punch

Home boxing unit built for all levels.  Featuring live and on-demand workouts, and proprietary technology to record progress and fuel motivation.

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Quiet Punch Trainers - Brian Pedone and Rich Robinson

Story Behind the Product

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Years spent on developing and crafting the tool

All Levels

Built to cater to all different skill levels


Weighing only 4lbs. Easy to setup and take down

Space Saver

Made to fit in most standard sized doorways



Rival Boxing

Happen to live in Canada?  No worries, we have distribution with one of the finest boxing suppliers in Canada.  Order from them today to secure your Quiet Punch and be pleased with domestic shipping.

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Gleason's Gym

Happen to live in the NYC area? You can visit this world famous boxing gym in Brooklyn and pick up your very own Quiet Punch in person.  Gleason's is currently the only retail location carrying Quiet Punch.

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Special thanks to Buatti Ramos Photography for all of the studio quality photos.