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Quiet Punch

"This funky alternative punching bag fits right into a door frame so you can practice your best moves without sacrificing tons of space." - Women's Health

Quiet Punch - Smart Punching Bag
Quiet Punch - Smart Punching Bag
Brian Pedone on the Quiet Punch
Quiet Punch Easy Setup
Quiet Punch - Smart Punching Bag
Quiet Punch - Smart Punching Bag
Quiet Punch makes Minimal Noise
Quiet Punch Workout Videos
Quiet Punch Craftsmanship

Quiet Punch - Smart Punching Bag

Did you know that boxing burns more calories than any other sport? Even more than running or jogging. Introducing the Quiet Punch: a portable punching bag that fits in any doorway and comes with hundreds of hours of fun workouts.
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • 30-Day Return Period
  • FREE Shipping
  • Easy on the Joints
  • 5 to 30 Minute Workouts
  • 550+ Total Workouts
  • Weekly Live Classes
  • Lifetime Training
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The Quiet Punch was designed to give people a fun, effective way to improve their fitness with boxing-style workouts. Quiet Punch fits in any doorway in your home, so you don't need space to exercise.

We've spent thousands of hours putting together some of the best content so that you can follow along immediately after purchase. Quiet Punch also comes with 1-year limited warranty. If it breaks simply reach out for a worry-free replacement.

Along with the bag you also get FREE access to the Quiet Punch Play app, with over 100 hours of on-demand training and workout routines.

Unlike other companies that charge over $30 per month for their workout videos, we give you full access to our workout library for free. That way, you can punch to your heart's content with subscription-free training by elite boxing instructors.


On demand, live workouts

Follow along to 100+ Hours

Easy up, easy down

Fits 28" - 36" Doorways

Punch tracker technology

set daily, weekly, and monthly goals

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The Quiet Punch Tracker attaches to the back of the Quiet Punch and connects to the app. It allows you to track your punches and the power of your punches. Just like you would count your steps you can now count your punches. With the Punch Tracker you can join the leaderboard, compete with yourself and others, and be acknowledged by our live trainers.

28” - 36” doorways

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed with a 30-Day Return Policy.

Our app is loaded with hundreds of hours of content and live streaming workouts, ALL FREE!

The Quiet Punch is more like a double-end bag so it is perfect for a great cardio workout, speed, timing, and is very easy on the joints. You can still hit it hard, but it is not a heavy bag. Already have a heavy bag or access to one? Then we suggest checking out our Heavy Bag Punch Tracker.

We highly recommend the 2010 and 2020 programs. The first one is 20 workouts each 10 minutes long and the other one is 20 workouts each 20 minutes long. We are also packed with 1,000 punch workouts, beginner workouts, technical workouts, and live training.

The whole unit: Bag + Bars weighs 5lbs. The complete unit is lightweight and can fit in a suitcase for travel.

Brian Pedone

Brian started Quiet Punch in 2013 after having a long run as an amateur boxer, professional trainer, and software developer. Brian's passion for boxing and skill in tech has been what has made Quiet Punch possible.

Fitness Resources

Quiet Punch Founder, Brian Pedone, teaches the boxing fundamentals and teaches you how to box. Boxing fundamentals are easy and fun to learn.

Born and raised in the heart of The Bronx, 27-year-old Stacia Suttles has always been drawn to sports and competition. It was at the age of 19, though, that Stacia found her greatest athletic passion: boxing.

One of the great things about boxing is that it truly is a comprehensive, full-body workout. Beginners or outsiders sometimes assume that boxing only works out the arms, but there’s a lot more to it than punching and power. There’s also bobbing and weaving. There are a lot of torso movements and footwork. Boxing requires not only strength, but speed, agility, and limberness.