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Changing Lives

"My trainer found the Quiet Punch online and recommended it to me. It is perfect for someone with Parkinson’s because it allows me to box but not worry about losing my balance like a heavy bag would. It is very easy to set up and use. I love working out with the Quiet Punch and it’s helping me fight Parkinson's Disease." - Elizabeth Larsen, President of Drive Away Parkinson's Inc.

Benefits of Quiet Punch

  • Quick Setup

    Takes less than 60 seconds to put it up temporarily in any doorway.

  • Physical Therapy

    Proven benefits for people with Parkinson's Disease, Autism, ADHD, and many other challenges.

  • Track your Progress

    Measure your progress with the number of punches thrown, power increases, and share your stats. *Quiet Punch Play required

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Quiet Punch Basic

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Quiet Punch Showcase

Quiet Punch Play Bundle

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Easy and Fun

Tone your arms, shape your abs, sculpt your legs, and relieve stress all from the quiet of your home.

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Free Workouts

Download the Quiet Punch Play app so that you can experience all of our free video and audio workouts. Also includes a lot of fun games and motivational tools. *All individuals starting an exercise program should check with their doctor before they begin

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Track your Progress

Quiet Punch Play makes it possible to track your punches and your power as you play. *Quiet Punch Play required

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Parkinson's Disease

Proceeds of each sale of Quiet Punch go to the Drive Away Parkinsons foundation. Boxing training has become an integral part in fighting the disease and we are happy to be a part of it.


What size doorway does it fit in?

Quiet Punch has been engineered to fit in most standard sized doorways from 28" - 36".  So please measure your doorway before ordering if you feel your doorway is extra small or perhaps a double doorway.

Do I need to know how to box?

Definitely not!  Quiet Punch was built with the beginner in mind.  Brian Pedone will step you through all of the routines so you can start to pick some things up.  We will definitely help you progress if you stick with us. See our full library of easy to follow workouts here: https://quietpunch.com/pages/home-boxing-workouts

How hard can I hit it?

Yes, the bag was designed with a fighter in mind.  We actually have professional fighters that use it.  As one of our customers said: "My biggest concern was that the bag wouldn't take a good punch well but I challenge you to swing as hard as you can at it for 5 minutes and see who falls apart first, you or the bag?"

Free workouts?

Yes, we include a full library of easy to follow routines and workouts using the Quiet Punch. Please check our workouts page here: Quiet Punch Workouts

What do the customers say?

You can see all of our customer feedback by checking out our Facebook Reviews Page: Click Here

What is the warranty?

All Quiet Punch products ship with a 90-day warranty.  This covers any defects and product problems.  We will be sure to resolve any issues immediately.

I have other questions!

Please check out our full list of FAQ's along with the ability to create a ticket and speak to a Quiet Punch rep: Click Here

Road to 50K

Current goal is to have an active network of 50,000 people Quiet Punching across the world.

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  • 12,250quiet punchers