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Quiet Punch Is Going Viral on TikTok!

Quiet Punch founder Brian Pedone in the TikTok video

If you use TikTok, you may have seen Quiet Punch’s viral video recently showing our CEO Brian Pedone boxing at home with his doorway-mounted Quiet Punch bag.

Attracting more than 300,000 views in a single day, the TikTok video has now amassed a whopping 4.5 million views in total. Talk about a social media knockout!

At-Home Boxing Workouts for Your Quiet Punch

boxing at home with the Quiet Punch
Here at Quiet Punch, we don’t just sell the Quiet Punch product and then leave you high and dry.

We’re all about helping you to use your Quiet Punch smart punching bag to its greatest potential to practice your boxing skills, strengthen your body and mind, and help you to feel better overall as a person.

Beginner’s Guide To Boxing For Kids

child boxing with red gloves
With so many distractions, it’s never been more important to instill in children the importance of regular exercise in maintaining health and fitness. Luckily, boxing for kids is both a great way of encouraging them to develop good exercise habits while also having fun and instilling in them a sense of confidence and focus.

Best Boxing Equipment for Home in 2021

using the Quiet Punch punching bag
Quiet Punch exists to make boxing easier and more accessible for everyone. That’s why we’ve taken the time to create the following checklist of must-have items that will help you train at home.

Is Quiet Punch for You?

Is Quiet Punch for You?
Over the years, we’ve come to understand the types of boxers who will get the absolute most out of Quiet Punch. The features of our product are meant to cater to the needs of these individuals.