Quiet Punch Gold Edition

Quiet Punch Gold Edition

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Package Includes:
  • 1-2 punching bag
  • 2 lightweight bars
  • 4 non-slip discs
  • phone clip

Quiet Punch Silver Edition + Quiet Punch Phone Clip

The Quiet Punch Gold Edition includes the 1-2 punching bag, 2 lightweight bars perfect for travel, and quick setup and instructional guide and videos.  Also includes an iPhone app to download with all of the instructional videos.  If you own an Android, no worries, all of our workouts are available via the website and our YouTube Channel.

Included with the bundle is a special phone clip designed to attach to the Quiet Punch unit so that you can use your phone to watch all of the workout videos easily.  Use the clip as well to stream our live sessions via Facebook Live and if you have an iPhone and even easier way to utilize the round timer.  This is the perfect accessory to an already awesome product.

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