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Home Boxing

Boxing training from the comfort of your home. All content, live, and trainer workouts are free of charge.

Live Training

20-minute workout sessions 2x a week.

Zoom Training

20-minute workout sessions 2x a week.

Custom Training

Unlimited number of training sessions.

On Demand

100+ hours of workout programs.

Live Training

20-Minute Live Boxing Sessions

Quiet Punch Trainer Brian Pedone

Quiet Punch Trainer Stacia Suttles

Quiet Punch Trainer Martin Rios

Quiet Punch Programs

Just some of the amazing content available in the apps
5-Day Program

Beginner Level: 5 x 15-minute sequential workouts

10-Day Program

Beginner Level: 10 x 20-minute sequential workouts

20x10 Program

Beginner/Intermediate Level: 20 x 10-minute sequential workouts

20x20 Program

Intermediate/Advanced Level: 20 x 20-minute sequential workouts

Live Workouts

All Levels: 20-minute workouts with homework assignments

Zoom Workouts

All Levels: 20-minute workouts with personal instruction

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On Demand

100+ Hours of Content

Quiet Punch Heavy Bag Workout

Quiet Punch Live Workout

Quiet Punch 2010 Program

Quiet Punch 2020 Program

Quiet Punch Shadow Boxing Series

Quiet Punch 10 Day Shred

"I’ve taken Quiet Punch with me to many countries and many states to help me along with my boxing journey."

Stacia Suttles

2x National Boxing Champion, 2x International Medalist, 3x Team USA Boxer