Boxing For All App

Never Do The Same Round Twice!

Boxing For All is the first of its kind to offer unique and custom boxing rounds. It is a boxing round timer that adds in fun instructions, custom music, training history, rewards, and a leaderboard. Already have an account in our Quiet Punch Play App? You can use the same credentials!
Boxing For All App Welcome Screen
Custom Trainer

You will be assigned the beginner trainer and then you have the ability to change your trainer. Each trainer provides different sets of combinations and round lengths for your workout.

Boxing For All App Train Screen
Unique Rounds

Each round you do will be completely custom and unique. You will never be assigned the same set of combos in the same order twice.

Boxing For All App Trainers Screen
Choose your Style

Each trainer is assigned by number of rounds, number of punches, and the difficulty of the combinations. Give each one a try and decide which one you like the best.

App Tips

Under settings you can toggle this on or off. If it is ON you will receive video demos of the punches, if it is OFF then you will just have a large round timer.

If you happen to have a Quiet Punch Tracker then you can connect it to the app. Once you do that it will unlock the Punches meter and you can then accurately track your punch count.

Each trainer is assigned by # of Punches, # of Rounds, and Skill Level. They are on a 1-3 rating.

At anytime you can click the mute button during the workout to turn off the custom music. Once you do this you can also play your own music using your player of choice.

There are an unlimited number of custom combos in the app. Depending on which trainer you choose, you will be presented with a different number of rounds, number of punches, and combo complexity. Not looking for instruction? Simply turn off the visual instructions in the settings and you can have a large display of the round time.

Keep track of your training history and also unlock rewards. The more rounds you achieve the more rewards you unlock and the higher you will go in the leaderboard rankings.

Compatible with a Quiet Punch Tracker if you are looking to precisely count your punches (optional)

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