The Story

Quiet Punch - Brian Pedone

Going through my grandmother's kitchen drawers looking for buttons, paperclips, and string were my daily routines as a child while my parents went to work. Always envisioning a new gadget that I could build. Instead of watching television I was constructing elaborate mazes made of string that I would then force my little sister to try and go through. Time spent there gave me the freedom to explore my imagination and to also watch the way my grandmother cared for my mentally handicapped aunt. My grandmother raised 6 children and at this time was still taking care of my aunt and maintaining a home in Queens, NY. She took my sister and I to mass frequently and always made sure we got back in time to catch some sort of boxing match on television.

My grandmother passed away when I was 10, but her strength and creative energy have always stayed with me. Apparently my grandfather, who I never met, was big into building gadgets and a very handy man. During middle school I was drawing comic books and selling them. I also began a business buying video games and reselling them with a slight markup.

During high school I started boxing with my father who was so excited for us to do something together. My father soon stopped training, but continued to drive me to gyms for my training. I competed on an amateur level in many locations. My mother and father were the biggest supporters. Can still remember hearing my mom's voice as she cheered for me during my bouts.

Brian Pedone - Quiet Punch

At 17 I thought about stopping boxing completely since it was a lot of work, but my father said to me: "Keep boxing, you have a gift for it. Even if it's not to compete, I just know it will play some sort of role in your life. Can't just not use your gifts that you were given."  My parents were and have been the biggest supporters in my life, after that talk with my father I decided to stick with boxing and also knew I wanted to attend college near my family.  

So I stayed local and began studying computer science and began a boxing club for me to continue my training. Upon beginning the program one of my mother's friends had a son in high school, Julian, who was interested in learning how to box. He was the first kid to come to the club and I began showing him what I knew. This was the first time that I was on the other side of the gloves. He began picking up very quickly and I was amazed with how much I had learned in my time boxing. Julian then told his friend Miguel who then brought his younger brother Danny to the gym. Danny and I spent over 5 years working together and I saw him through 2 Golden Gloves championships and multiple tournaments. During this time it went from a boxing club to a full fledged gym called Pedone's Heavy Hitters with over 300 members. I funded the space as I did freelance computer work for clients as most of the kids could not afford to pay a membership. It was at the gym that I learned how much I enjoy giving my time to see others grow. It was the most rewarding experience I have had to date in my life.

Brian Pedone with Boxing Group in NYC

While in college and shortly after I won a business plan competition and received startup capital to start a technology company. After that I was recognized by BusinessWeek as one of the top 25 entrepreneurs 25 years and under in America. The entrepreneurship bug had hit me and I knew that even as an adult I could have the freedom to dig through the kitchen drawers looking for paperclips and ways to innovate.

After 10 years of running the gym I knew it was time to move on to the next chapter in my life as all the kids I had worked with were on to college or to the next stages of their life. I would take the bus into Manhattan each day looking for a gym to start working in. Was starting from scratch as if I had never owned a gym before. I met Alberto of Work Train Fight in NoHo NYC and he gave me an opportunity to run a boxing class. My experience shown quickly as I was able to command a room. I was hired shortly thereafter and then made my way into living in NYC.

After 2 years at Work Train Fight I broke off and began my own boxing gym called Boxing For All. My following started at 2 or so and quickly grew. During my time there I began personally training people in boxing. I knew there had to be a good way for these people to practice their boxing in their apartments. My mind went back to the days in my grandmother's house and sifting through the drawers. Needed to come up with a way to put a boxing bag in a small space that was easy to setup and didn't make much noise to disturb neighbors. This was the beginning of Quiet Punch. Used the training money to pay a prototyping company to create the first version of Quiet Punch. From there went to a factory and received samples. Filed for a patent and began an interesting road down a potential infomercial deal. Glad it did not work out as it would have changed the vision of the product. Partnered with Chris Santos, celebrity chef and boxing enthusiast, who was the first to believe in my project.

With the help of my parents and after months of work we were able to hand build and sell 17 units online across the country and a few in Canada.  Very proud to see a demand for our product and to receive valuable beta feedback.

The Quiet Punch Family

After almost 4 years of operating Boxing For All was able to make it appealing enough for a buyout. With the money was able to order our very first inventory of Quiet Punch. Quiet Punch is the culmination of my time spent innovating and boxing. I am very excited to be able to reach people way outside the scope of my boxing gym. Will be my first venture on a grand scale that will let people meet me and see what I am all about.

Flash forward now to 2017.  Quiet Punch is now in the hands of hundreds of people across the United States, Canada, and Australia.  Progress has been a very steady one and we continue to see growth.

Let's do this together!

-Brian Pedone, Founder