QP Status

AUGUST 2016 ($5,450)

  • Units Sold: 51
  • 8/8/2016 marked the beginning of pre-sales for Quiet Punch.  We have it listed at a price of $130 but made it $110 and free-shipping for pre-sale orders.
  • Factory is set to ship 1,000 units on September 6th on which I will pay the remaining balance which will be around $16,000.

SEPTEMBER 2016 ($770)

  • Units Sold: 7
  • Met with Avalanche Creative Media and Remarkable Products International.  Will work on an exclusive deal for a temporary time to sell Quiet Punch to an older demographic. Also looking to pitch it to QVC.
  • Still taking pre-orders

OCTOBER 2016 ($602)

  • Units Sold: 8
  • Inventory arrived in PA, fully stocked with product
  • Began sending out all of the pre-orders to customers
  • Sent out an additional 10 units to Sarah Michelle-Gellar and various trainers in NYC and CA
  • Hykso Punch sensors may look to do a partnership with us
  • Decided not to go with the royalty deal as we are too far ahead to give up such a large portion of the revenue

NOVEMBER 2016 ($2,652)

DECEMBER 2016 ($3,853)

  • Units Sold: 52
  • Call with Oxygen to setup the newsletter campaign
  • Oxygen campaign scheduled for January 17th
  • Received additional investment funds from Chris Santos
  • Quiet Punch sent to Chris Algieri and potential email blast with Roy Jones Promotions
  • Holiday Gift Guide in the Observer: http://observer.com/2016/12/wellness-fitness-gift-guide/
  • Created a Newsletter Mailing List to begin capturing people's email addresses who are not ready to buy, but we can pitch to later.
  • Spoke with George Foreman Jr. to discuss potential work together.

JANUARY 2017 ($4,209)

  • Units Sold: 58
  • Would like to work out a deal with George Foreman Jr.
  • Sold another 4 units to Off Road DC (boxing gym in DC)
  • Spoke with Lainie Green of a PR firm who represents Whitney Johns. Potential product placement with fitness leaders.
  • Received a great instagram post from Whitney Johns.
  • An amazing testimonial from boxing champion Chris Algieri.
  • Began a weekly blog posting called Quiet Venture.
  • Oxygen Campaign went out on January 17.  Excellent subscriber right so far and great feedback from potential customers.
  • Starting a campaign to begin shipping to Canada.
  • Sent 2 units to Magazine in U.K. for potential product review.
  • Just sent a unit to Tony Ferguson, UFC Fighter.
  • Began shipping to Canada, U.K., Ireland, and Australia
  • Received 5 orders to Canada ($35 per unit)
  • Received 2 orders to Australia ($100 per unit)
  • Met with social media consultant and will begin new social media campaign for February.

FEBRUARY 2017 ($4,867)

  • Units Sold: 69
  • Received a call from a producer at Shark Tank.  Just finished working on the video for submission: Shark Tank
  • Attended a networking event at foundermade and decided to do future events with Kali Active since our brands work well together
  • Just put together 2 different Google Ads with a budget of $200 each:
    • Boxing Workout - From Your Home
    • Boxing Punching Bag - Fits in your Doorway
  • Looking to attend a Roy Jones Jr. Promotional event on March 11 in Vegas.
  • Going to send 6 units to Rival for sales in Canada.
  • Spoke with Dave Baker of Soul Customs who has begun work on a special gym stand that will hold 3 Quiet Punch units at once.
  • Photo shoot at the W Hotel with Alexis to showcase the product in a hotel environment as well as new and clean pics and video.

MARCH 2017 ($3,505)

  • Units Sold: 38
  • Changed the price to $99.99 to include shipping to see if we can lower the Abandoned Checkout Rate.  The rate is still lower than the average 70% rate.
  • W Hotel Downtown is looking to carry 5 Quiet Punch units and will feature them in their rooms for their guests to use.
  • 100 phone clips came in and looks like a great feature to be able to watch the routines from the unit
  • Almost finished with the first version of the Quiet Punch app created by us in-house
  • Officially made the listing with Rival Boxing: http://www.rivalboxing.ca/products/quiet-punch
  • Working on the gym model and will have sketches soon that we can pitch to locations
  • Sending a sample to Sharper Image
  • Setup a Groupon Store
  • App completed and accepted into the app store
  • Finished the first development version of the LightBlue technology to count punches thrown.

APRIL 2017 ($3,450)

  • Units Sold: 44
  • PR Work has begun
  • Quiet Punch unit to Sara Blakely of Spanx
  • Beta Testing Punch Intensity Counter
  • Began the Try The Punch Live Facebook Workout Series
  • Migrated the website to Shopify for better functionality
  • Added a Bundle package that costs $109.99 and also added $6.95 shipping to purchases
  • Selling the Punch Counter for $35.99 (sold 2 of these already)