We are now offering live 45-minute workout sessions using the Quiet Punch for everyone to follow along to.  Even if you don't currently have a Quiet Punch you can still join in and take the session with us.  We will be taking you through different boxing routines as well as body weight exercises.  Guaranteed to be fun and engaging.

Be sure to tune in every Monday & Thursday @ 7:45pm EST.  The videos will be available via Facebook Live at the below times.

Monday @ 7:45pm EST - Try The Punch with Brian Pedone

Thursday @ 7:45pm EST - Try The Punch with Rich Robinson

Quiet Punch Facebook Live


If you happen to miss any of the live workouts, they are archived daily via the iPhone app as well as the following website:






Here are some video clips of our Quiet Punch family members. Compliments of our Instagram Page: @quietpunch