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Quiet Punch Updates

  • Recommended gloves: Can just send them to There they can see the article in regards to recommended gloves
  • Price is $99 + $10 Shipping
  • If anyone has any questions about how to use the bag or boxing specific questions like hooks and uppercuts you can also refer them to: where they can find an article about how to use the Quiet Punch
  • We currently don't ship international at the moment, but will in a few months
  • We also don't ship to Alaska or Hawaii at the moment either
  • If anyone orders it typically takes 2-5 business days to be delivered depending on where they live within the United States. We ship Monday - Friday.
  • If anyone has a problem setting up their Quiet Punch please refer them back to and make sure that they follow the setup video exactly.
  • Make sure they extend the bar to a pin hole that just fits in their doorway, then turn the knob to create tension, and then use both hands to turn the bar and create serious tension.
  • If anyone wants to return their Quiet Punch have them submit an email to
  • Current Discount Codes:
  • NOEXCUSES = Free Shipping
  • QPThanks = 10% off
  • If you can't answer a question just have them send an email to