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Here are a few of our real world Quiet Punch customers with some honest feedback.





"Quiet Punch is fantastic - for all levels of ability! I use mine at home between boxing class days, and have so much fun working on rhythms , and speed. It's great to be able to focus on form and speed while I'm at home.
We also have one for the gym at work - where some people have medical issues and cannot do a full boxing workout. Quiet Punch gives an opportunity to exercise at the level each person is able, with a great workout, and a place for us to share tips and encouragement. It's really opened up a new space in the community- and I'm thankful for it." - Lara Tobin

"I love my Quiet Punch & so do my siblings! it is so easy to set up and so convenient. I can get a great workout in/work on technique in the comfort of my own home. I like to find new ways to incorporate into my routine ( sit ups and end it with a 1,2 punch :-) ) Now with the new app there is even more support!" - Cheryl De La Cruz

"I've only had the Quiet Punch for a short while but I already love how easy and quick it is to setup and take back down again. It also feels like it can take some decent abuse, so I'm not worried about it falling apart on me in the next few months.  Also, the customer support I've experienced has been PHENOMENAL. Couple a great product with great customer service and what else is there to look for?  Lastly, the videos that Brian puts up on the Quiet Punch Youtube page are really great for beginners like myself that need some guidance on taking these first few steps into the world of boxing. I'm certainly no pro but I feel like the Quiet Punch is something I could use at my level all the way up to a professional level.  Thanks Brian and thanks Quiet Punch for making my workouts this much more fun while keeping it nice and easy to use! Great stuff!" - Bruce Gates

"I've had my Quiet Punch for about a month now and it's easily become my favorite cardio workout tool . I have been taking boxing classes on the weekends and use the quiet Punch as both a way to refine and practice techniques throughout the week and also as a good workout tool . Jabs , crosses , hooks , Combos are all easy to execute on the bag . My biggest concern was that the bag wouldn't take a good punch well but I challenge you to swing as hard as you can at it for 5 minutes and see who falls apart first, you or the bag ?  I live in an apartment complex so finding a way to do an intense workout without disturbing my neighbors can be a challenge but so far I haven't gotten any complaints from my neighbors ( who are not too shy to tell me when I'm being too loud) . It's an awesome tool for anyone who wants to workout in the comfort and safety of their own home ." - Jonathon Jennings

"I have been the lucky one to have Quiet Punch for almost 3 years now. I went from the original version to the current version that is out. Without a doubt this is the easiest way to get a great, easy and fast cardio workout. I use 3 of the training videos and feel like I am working out with a trainer with me! I highly recommend it for all and am happy I was given this opportunity to tell all! Thank you Quiet Punch." - Teresa Pedone

"Love the Quiet Punch! Easy to set up and makes getting your daily workout in incredibly convenient. Would strongly recommend!" - Eddie Avellaneda