Quiet Punch Gold

We are so pleased to announce our first ever monthly subscription adding some incredible value to the Quiet Punch experience. While everything remains free in the app we wanted to offer even more features based on our customer's feedback. While our competitor's offer subscriptions in the range of $14.99 - $39.99 a month we wanted to stay true to our mission of being accessible.

What's Included

Weekly Live Workouts

Exclusively to our Gold members we will be offering weekly live training sessions. These will be offered through the app and we plan on having different trainers teach on a weekly basis.

Monthly Zoom Workout

A very exclusive monthly live workout session via Zoom. This gives the trainer the ability to provide realtime feedback and special homework assignments to individual participants.

Private Leaderboard

Join an exclusive leaderboard that keeps you competitive with a smaller group of Quiet Punchers. This helps make everything more competitive and attainable instead of being in the larger global leaderboard.


We will be awarding monthly prizes and rewards based on this smaller private leaderboard. Awards include medals, merchandise, and even personal training sessions.

Product Discounts

Will be offering first to our Gold members special product discounts and early access to new Quiet Punch products.