NYC Programs

The Quiet Punch Showroom is currently home to very interesting boxing related programs:

The Spectrum Bout

Your child may never become the next boxing heavyweight champion of the world, but that does not mean they should avoid the full-scale benefits that boxing offers. Welcome, to The Spectrum Bout! The bout is a physical fitness program designed for children placed on the autism spectrum. We work on developing socialization, focus, and organization skills, through the sport of boxing. The program is modified to fit children across the autism spectrum. 

Control Kickboxing

A guiding philosophy in Prashant’s teaching is to show students how to train intelligently and educate themselves in addition to his instruction. This differs from the general mindset of many gyms which teach strictly by the book. Control Kickboxing is his effort to change this mindset in the training scene. Bringing over 15 years of training experience to the table, he is a strong believer in continuing education both for himself and his students. His sessions are the product of careful research, training, and several thousands of hours of film study.