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An easy way to put your Quiet Punch to good use. With the following subscription you will have full access to all of the Quiet Punch home boxing workout videos. These videos include special programming geared to all of our Quiet Punch members. Specializing in video libraries that build off the previous ones and excellent for weight loss and goal setting.

  • Free Workouts - 9 different Try The Punch workouts that will get you started so you can use your Quiet Punch immediately. (Free)
  • Boxing 101 - Boxing basic combinations plus basic workouts. (Free)
  • Try The Punch - 15/30/45 minute workouts lead by different Quiet Punch trainers then broken up into beginner, intermediate, and advanced level sessions. (part of subscription)
  • Kids Program - A series made for children with instruction heavily focusing on the simplicity of working out. (part of subscription)
  • Quickie Program - Quick 5-minute workouts. (part of subscription)
  • 3 Day Weight Loss - A 3 Day series made to be the perfect jump into the 5 and 10 Day programs. (part of subscription)
  • 5 Day Weight Loss - A 5 Day program made for people looking to step up their game and get back into consistently working out or setting a goal to start working out. (part of subscription)
  • 10 Day Weight Loss - A 10 Day program focusing on consistency and weight loss. Each day a boxing combination builds as well as a person's endurance. (part of subscription)

Quiet Punch Live Workout Schedule


Happen to live in the NYC area and want to participate with us? Click Here to schedule.


Quiet Punch iPhone App Quiet Punch Android App