Quiet Punch Play App

Looking to setup your Quiet Punch, use the Phone Holder, or Attach your Punch Tracker? Click Here. Already have an account in our Boxing For All App? You can use the same credentials!

Quiet Punch Play App


Punch Tracker Required - See where you stand with the rest of the world and compete with yourself.

Join in on our weekly live training with our Quiet Punch trainers. Punch Tracker is not required.

Punch Tracker Required - Count your daily punches.

The heart of Quiet Punch. All of our on demand content. We highly recommend the 2010 Program and the 2020 Program. There are many other programs in this section that should suit your current level. Punch Tracker not required.

An A.I. driven training program. Never do the same workout twice! Punch Tracker not required.

Punch Tracker Required - A fun way to reach your 1,000 punch daily requirement.

Punch Tracker Required - A fun way to turn your Quiet Punch into a piano.

A functional round timer that features audio workouts. Punch Tracker not required.

Punch Tracker Required - A reflex based punching game. Try to keep up with the punch patterns.

Punch Tracker Required - Create or join a group. The group is now a smaller leaderboard for just you and your friends.

Fun mashup of all of our homework assignment punch combinations. Punch Tracker not required.

Attaching the Punch Tracker

Peel the adhesive on the back of the bag and press your sensor firmly to the tape. For added security please use the supplied screws to secure the sensor to the back of the bag. Please use a Philips Head screwdriver and press down hard as you screw the screw into the back of the bag. Once the screw attaches you will feel it bite and then you can continue screwing until it is firmly attached to your bag.

Please see the video to watch how the screws attach: https://youtube.com/shorts/NHp_IadGwa4?feature=share

Punch Tracker with the App

Please make sure that your sensor is fully charged. The red light is on when it is charging and turns off when it is fully charged. Press the button once on the sensor. (The sensor will turn off automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity)

*A full charge should last you at least 20-30 workouts.


Open up the Play app and the app will automatically search for the sensor. It will display the sensor that it finds. Click on the name of the sensor that it finds and it will connect to it. See this demo video for an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qv3rDGakoAc The app will stay paired to the sensor until you click the button to search again and this will un-pair it.


Click on Settings Scroll down to find the Quiet Punch Play app Make sure that you enable Bluetooth (this is Bluetooth specific to the app not your Bluetooth settings overall) Open up the Play app and the app will automatically search for the sensor. It will auto connect to every screen. To test that it is working properly, click on the Training -> Free Style screen and you should see a green box that says connected so you know that the sensor is working properly.