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Episode 12

Our live content series: Try The Punch just completed its 12th episode.  We are now officially at over 9 hours of Quiet Punch footage.  If you happen to miss this episode with Rich Robinson you can watch it below:

This episode focuses heavily on the abdominals, so be prepared!

Inventory Manager

Inventory Manager

You have to check out our latest Facebook Live video starring our inventory manager, Teresa Pedone.  Teresa is our longest running Quiet Punch user and makes for an awesome story.  This is our best video to date with this 63 year old really killing the Quiet Punch workout.

Episode 9

We just filmed episode 9 of our Try The Punch Facebook Live series.  Had the very special honor of being able to teach my little sister Madalyn in this one.  We did happen to lose the internet connection, but were able to put together a solid 20-minute routine.  Very proud of her boxing form!