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10 Boxing Punches

10 Boxing Punches


If you’ve ever taken a boxing class, you’ve heard the trainer refer to the basic foundational punches like ‘cross’, ‘hook’, ‘jab’ and ‘uppercut’*. Beyond the common punch names, there is a numerical system which serves as an easy shorthand for transcribing, memorizing, and directing boxing combos. 

Below, veteran boxing trainer and Quiet Punch creator Brian Pedone breaks down the ten basic boxing punches and their corresponding number. Although there may be some variations depending on the gym or trainer, generally speaking, the paired number/punch system below is universal. 

  • 1 - Jab
  • 2 - Cross
  • 3 - Lead Hook
  • 4 - Rear Hook
  • 5 - Lead Uppercut
  • 6 - Rear Uppercut
  • 7 - Lead Hook to the Body
  • 8 - Rear Hook to the Body
  • 9 - Jab to the Body
  • 10 - Cross to the Body

Once you learn the system, it will become second nature to know that a number combo like ‘1-1-2-5’ is boxing shorthand for ‘jab-jab-cross-lead uppercut’ and you can impress with your next level skills in and out of the ring.   

    We have compiled an easy to follow YouTube video so you can see it in action.

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