Stacia Suttles: Puncher Profile


Born and raised in the heart of The Bronx, 27-year-old Stacia Suttles (AKA “Stacia the Natural”) has always been drawn to sports and competition. Starting with karate and skateboarding at age 4, then moving on to softball, basketball, and tennis. 

It was at the age of 19, though, that Stacia found her greatest athletic passion: boxing.

Since then, she has gone on to become one of the most decorated amateur boxers in America, with two NYC Golden Gloves championships, a USA National Championship, a National Golden Gloves Silver Medal, an International Gold Medal, an International Bronze Medal, and many more awards. She also competed in the 2020 Olympic Team Trials and has even started developing her own athletic training program, the Suttles Boxing Academy.

That’s not the only way Stacia is sharing her years of experience with up-and-coming boxers, however. Stacia also serves as the instructor for Quiet Punch’s live online boxing classes every Thursday!

Accessible through YouTube and the Quiet Punch app, during these classes, innovative punch tracker technology allows Stacia the opportunity to connect with hundreds of thousands of punchers all across the country.

We recently sat down with Stacia to talk to her about three of her favorite things: boxing, athletic education, and the Quiet Punch!

A Few Questions with Stacia Suttles

You started boxing back in 2014. How has the Quiet Punch doorway punching bag affected your approach to boxing training? What do you think makes it such a great piece of equipment for boxers?

The Quiet Punch has affected my approach to boxing training in very positive ways.

When I first started using the Quiet Punch it was rewarding to be able to get a full boxing workout from my home. I didn’t have the space or equipment to put a heavy bag up in my apartment. Being able to assemble the Quiet Punch in a few minutes, get a full boxing workout in, and disassemble the Quiet Punch made my training routine easier.

On days that I couldn’t get to the gym, I had the Quiet Punch. On days that I wanted an additional workout in, I had the Quiet Punch. When traveling for tournaments, the stress of finding a boxing gym was no longer a factor for me because I had my Quiet Punch.

I think it’s such a great piece of equipment for boxers because how many boxers are actually able to put a heavy bag in their home? Not many, I’d assume. But everyone has a door frame. The Quiet Punch is easy to assemble, easy to pack for travel, and can take a punch.

Stacia Suttles hitting a punching bag during boxing training

Before boxing, you participated in a number of athletic activities, from skateboarding to basketball to tennis to karate. What was it that drew you to boxing and what sets it apart from other sports in your eyes?

Despite the many sports I’ve done over the years, it was karate and tae-kwon-do that I did for most of my life growing up. What drew me to boxing is that it’s a combat sport and at the time it was new. It was a new sport for me to venture into.

What’s kept me in boxing for as long as it’s been are the lessons it has taught me. There’s almost no better analogy for life than boxing. It’s a different feeling to get in the ring and fight someone one-on-one. Sometimes you can win the fight easily, and sometimes you need to bite down on your mouthpiece and go all in. No one can do the training for you. It’s all on you.

I love that about boxing and combat sports in general. You can have a team behind you but it's only you that gets in the ring to fight. Also not only is it a physical battle, but a mental battle as well.

You teach live boxing classes via the Quiet Punch app and YouTube channel. What is your favorite part of working with Quiet Punch users?

My favorite part of working with Quiet Punch users is their work ethic. Most, if not all, of the users are not world champion-level boxers, but they show up week after week and put in the work.

Their goals may all be different from one another, but week after week they take my class and push themselves for 20-30 minutes. The homework I assign is no walk in the park, but again week after week the Quiet Punch users take their time and put in effort to try the homework.

If you had one big piece of boxing advice to share with Quiet Punch users, what would it be?

One big piece of boxing advice I’d share with Quiet Punch users is to start from the ground up, without a good foundation the whole thing will fall apart. So despite us getting our boxing workout in at home, we can still focus on good boxing stances and footwork. For example, making sure our feet aren’t too close together or too far apart. 

Thanks for answering our questions, Stacia! And thanks for all that you do to help Quiet Punch users become better, stronger, more confident boxers.

Are you interested in taking live classes with Stacia Suttles? Order your own smart punching bag today and join the Quiet Punch family!