Quiet Punch Reaches $3M in Sales and 30M in Punches!


When we started Quiet Punch in 2018, we knew that getting word out about our innovative smart punching bag was going to be a battle. What we didn’t know was that we’d end up winning that battle with a decisive KO!

In 2021, Quiet Punch landed a major one-two punch, not only reaching $3 million in sales but also racking up over 30 million punches from users worldwide. Of course, we couldn’t do either of those things without the committed and enthusiastic community of customers using the Quiet Punch every single day.

Living the Quiet Punch Lifestyle

More than just a punching bag, the Quiet Punch is a lifestyle. Users of our smart punching bag and smart heavy bag sensor can access the free Quiet Punch mobile app not only to keep track of the speed, power, and number of their punches, but also to train or compete with other boxers all across the globe.

Quiet Punch customers also gain complimentary access to more than 100 hours of on-demand instructional workout videos. Best of all, because the Quiet Punch was designed from the ground up to be compact, durable, and easy to set up, users can take their Quiet Punch with them anywhere and get a high-intensity workout anytime.

Together, Quiet Punch users average around 1.5 million punches every month. During our November 2021 Quiet Punch Punch-A-Thon, however, boxers of all stripes came together to collectively throw more than half a million punches in one 30-minute period!

Several stacks of boxed Quiet Punch orders waiting to be shipped out

We’re Coming Out Swinging in 2022

“The at-home fitness category is finally being recognized as a major growth market and not just a trend," founder Brian Pedone said in a recent press release.

“I have always believed that boxing should be accessible to all. The swift momentum of customers coming to Quiet Punch has been extremely validating. The passion that our users are showing for boxing reflects the current boom in both home fitness and the sport itself, and we are proud to be the only smart doorway boxing product. We aim to be the name for at-home boxing fitness.”

In the three year since its creation, the Quiet Punch has grown by leaps and bounds, with revenue and membership increasing by a whopping 400 percent. Quiet Punch is currently on track to double all areas of business in 2022, and we owe all of that to you, our faithful customers.

Try the Quiet Punch for Yourself!

If you still haven’t tried the Quiet Punch for yourself, you don’t know what you’ve been missing. Quiet Punch isn’t just the very best piece of home boxing training equipment available today; it’s a diverse worldwide community of both amateur and professional boxers, all united by a shared passion for punching and a bottomless drive towards continual self-improvement.

Discover the benefits of the Quiet Punch today. We promise your workout routine will never be the same!