Quiet Punch Leaderboard

As of November 2019, we have launched Quiet Punch Play. With Play we have all of our punchers competing to be number 1 on the leaderboard. Here are our current standings as of November 22, 2019:

Top 10 Quiet Punchers

  1. wali: 16,511 punches
  2. pia: 15,293 punches
  3. Melb: 15,167 punches
  4. Drea: 10,814 punches
  5. Gordito_Kawali: 9,867 punches
  6. fatherpat: 5,394 punches
  7. Juneau09: 5,264 punches
  8. heffries: 4,307 punches
  9. paminimom: 4,264 punches
  10. mx5tc: 3,634 punches

Total Punches: 90,515

We are currently at a combined punch count of 130,342 at the time of writing this post. We are so excited to see more and more people utilizing Play and continuing to advance on our leaderboard.


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