Learn How to Box: Boxing Fundamentals

Learn How to Box Tutorial

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When learning anything it is always important to learn the basics. We have put together a really good checklist that really breaks down each of the important aspects of boxing.

Boxing Stance: Depending if you are right or left dominant will decide how your feet should be placed. A right dominant person will have their left hand and foot in front, a left dominant will have their right hand and foot in front. Make sure that your back foot is positioned in such a way that you stay activated by keeping the calf muscle engaged. Key to the stance is making sure that the knees stay soft.

Hand Placement: Holding your hands is something that a lot of people don't address. One of the keys is to make sure that you have a slightly closed hand, but only make a solid fist upon impact. This allows your hand to travel faster through the air and then snap like a whip.

Boxing Punches: We review the 6 basic punches in this video: 1,2,3,4,5,6. The jab (1) is the most common punch and is used more than any other punch in boxing. The jab is always your lead hand, so traditionally for a right hander this is their left hand and the right hand for a lefty. The cross (2) is the rear hand and the main reason why it stays in the back. This is traditionally thrown with a hip rotation to generate maximum force. The lead hook (3) is a very powerful punch as well. This is performed by having your arm in a ninety degree angle and throwing it parallel to the ground. The rear hook (4) is thrown in a similar manner to the lead hook, but with the more dominant hand. The lead uppercut (5) is thrown from the lead side and has an upward angle as to land on an opponent's chin. The rear uppercut (6) is the power hand coming in an upward manner and thrown with a pivot of the rear foot.

Head Movement: We break down the slips and weaves. We also like to show this in a basic manner as in crunching and drawing the letter 'u' with your head. All head movement is initiated from the torso.

Putting it Together: Putting the combinations into play along with the head movement. Breathing is a big aspect as well and making sure that you don't forget to breathe and keeping everything relaxed.

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