How to Increase Punching Power with These 3 Exercises


Boxing is always about pushing yourself. To move faster. To get fitter. To think quicker. And most importantly, to hit harder.

Each year, we do a little better, push ourselves a little farther, achieve a little bit more. At Quiet Punch, we’re all about providing our customers with the motivation they need to go that extra mile. That’s why our specially designed smart punching bag incorporates high-tech sensors that keep track of exactly how fast and how hard your strikes really are.

It’s also why we put together this list of helpful exercises. Want to learn how to increase punching power? The workouts below will practically turn your fists into battering rams!

3 Boxing Workouts to Help You Hit Harder

Plyometric Push-Ups

Among the most important muscles in the body for boxing are the arm, shoulder, and pectoral muscles. These are all the same muscles that get a workout when you do push-ups, which means that push-ups are a great way of building your punching power. An even better way, however, comes in the form of plyometric push-ups, otherwise known as “jumping push-ups.”

If the name wasn’t enough to tip you off, jumping push-ups are a variant of normal push-ups where, instead of simply pushing yourself back up after dropping down to the ground, you utilize the strength in your arms to suddenly throw yourself back up, before catching yourself with hands flat on the ground on the way back down. The explosive, high-impact nature of this exercise is sure to rub off, guaranteeing equally explosive and high-impact punches.

Pro tip: Try quickly clapping your hands together when you pop up. This helps sharpen your reflexes and also helps reinforce a motivational sense of rhythm for your workout.


What better way is there to train for boxing than by, well, boxing? You don’t always have to throw your punches at a bag, however. In fact, sometimes what you really need is to step away from the bag entirely. Shadowboxing, which involves throwing punches at empty air, might seem redundant, but it actually offers some unique benefits that normal boxing exercises with a bag do not.

woman practicing boxing while wearing boxing gloves

Shadowboxing is one of the best ways a boxer can embed the movements of different punches and combos into their muscle memory. The goal is to razor-hone your focus and your form until boxing becomes second nature. The better your technique is, the more the force behind your strikes becomes maximized. Improving punching power isn’t always about building muscle; sometimes it’s a bit excelling in the execution.

Pro tip: For best results, shadowbox in front of a mirror so you can observe and study your form in detail and make adjustments along the way.

Medicine Ball Throwing

This one is kind of a cheat because it’s not actually one exercise that will increase your punching power. It’s two exercises that will increase your punching power. There’s a good reason medicine balls are such a popular piece of equipment for both professional and amateur boxers, and the reason is because they work.

The first method of exercising with a medicine ball is to lie flat on your back and throw the heavy ball up as high as possible, pushing up with your chest while doing so. Then you catch the ball with both hands. The other method has you standing upright in your standard boxing stance, using a medium-weight ball. Hold the ball in one hand and push forward as hard as possible, as if throwing a punch, in order to lob the ball against the wall.

Pro tip: You don’t have to choose one medicine ball exercise over the other. The best way to build up your punching power is to train using both methods.

strong man wearing boxing gloves

Quiet Punch Can Help You Become a Boxing Powerhouse

Now that you know how to increase punching power, what are you waiting for? There’s never a better place and time to start bettering yourself than right here, right now. Then again, you don’t always have access to a gym full of exercise equipment.

Luckily, with the Quiet Punch, you don’t need all that. All you need is a door frame, some free time, and the inspiration to push yourself to a whole new level of physical fitness. The portable Quiet Punch doorway punching bag has been engineered for maximum convenience and versatility.

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