Boxing Stances for Mastering Your Performance


Boxing involves just about every part of your body in some way, and it all starts with the stance you take.

In your day-to-day life, your stance is more or less your arbitrary pose when you’re standing still. In boxing, though, your stance is quite literally everything.

It isn’t just how you stand while practicing or fighting. It’s about how your stance allows you to leverage your body’s greatest strengths and become more stable. Your stance lends you the balance, stability, mobility, and power to perform to your maximum abilities.

And all of this will make you better in a match.

With that in mind, there are several main boxing stances that boxers take up, depending on their body type. Which one will be best for you is for you to determine as you practice with your Quiet Punch smart punching bag.

Let’s review those now to give you a better idea.

Orthodox Stance

In boxing, the two most basic stances are orthodox and southpaw, for right-handed and left-handed boxers, respectively.

Within each of these primary stances, boxers can take an upright or crouching position.

Upright Stance

To take the upright stance within the overall orthodox stance, position your legs shoulder-length apart, but with your right foot slightly back from your left foot. The feet should be pointed gently inward with your right heel slightly raised off the ground.

Your left hand should be raised about six inches away from your eye, while your right fist should be near your jaw. Keep both elbows near your torso, and lower your head slightly. Positioning your fists this way will allow you to defend against face punches.

Crouching Stance

The crouching stance is quite similar to the upright stance. This time, however, bend your knees to crouch down. To make up for potentially lost stability, lean forward as you fight. Also, keep your feet near each other, but with the lead foot positioned ahead of the body to allow for a greater striking range.

The crouching stance can help shorter boxers to avoid head punches.

Southpaw Stance

The southpaw stance is for left-handed boxers. It employs the very same positioning of hands and feet as the orthodox stance, but in a mirrored fashion.

Boxers use their left side to lunge forward and strike. Bouts involving an orthodox boxer and a southpaw boxer can be interesting, since the punches will come from the opposite direction for each boxer.

As with the orthodox stance, southpaw boxers can use either the upright or crouching stance depending on their preference and fighting style.

Get Practicing with Quiet Punch

No matter the stance or style you fight with, find what works best for you, and go all-in on mastering it. Novice boxers might find there is a lot to remember regarding body positioning, but don’t be discouraged. Even the masters have to keep up with training and conditioning to do everything right.

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