Boxers Beware! French Scammers Selling Fake Quiet Punch Bags

A close-up of Quiet Punch smart punching bag with installation equipment and mobile app

ATTENTION! If you are a Quiet Punch customer living in or near France, be on the lookout for scammers appropriating the Quiet Punch brand!

It has recently come to our attention that a company in France has been using the name and image of Quiet Punch to take advantage of unsuspecting customers. Please keep in mind that the Quiet Punch smart punching bag is ONLY available in the United States and Canada at this time!

Until recently, these scammers were using a fake Quiet Punch website with the address to fool potential customers into giving up their hard-earned money for a non-existent or counterfeit product. That website is no longer operational as of this writing, but it is important to stay vigilant in protecting yourself from scammers.

Remember, is the ONLY official Quiet Punch website! The real Quiet Punch  doorway punch bag starts at $219. If you see a vendor claiming to sell the Quiet Punch bag for $30, that is a scam. Don’t be fooled by counterfeiters or other scammers!

If you or someone you know lives in or near France, please let them know about this scam.

You can either share this post or the French-language YouTube video we recently posted. Together, we can knock out scammers once and for all.