Quiet Punch Programs

The Complete Listing

Did you know that we are packed with hundreds of hours of workouts? We breakdown all that Quiet Punch has to offer. All of these programs are available for FREE in our Quiet Punch Play app.

Beginner Level Programs
New Users: Featuring very basic boxing videos and setup content for the Quiet Punch. A perfect starter point if you are completely new to boxing as well as using the Quiet Punch.
Shadowbox: A complete series devoted to boxing workouts without using any equipment. This program is excellent for people who are on the go and can't access their Quiet Punch or for people who are also new to boxing and its combos.
Quickie: Fast paced quick workouts for people short on time. These workouts are all pretty simple boxing combinations more focusing on output than technique.
2-Day: A two part workout series each featuring 8-minute workout routines. This program is also great for beginners!
3-Day: A three part workout series each featuring 10-minute workout routines. This program is also great for beginners and a great step up from the 2-day program. This is probably the best video series before moving on to our intermediate level programs.
Intermediate Level Programs
5-Day: A five day igniter program that features five sequential workouts each that are 15-minutes in length. This is the perfect series after you step up from our beginner level programs.
QP BY...: Random workouts by different Quiet Punch trainers featuring all levels of workouts and focusing on different muscle groups. Each of these routines are 10-minutes in length.
10-Day: Consecutive workouts broken up into 10 20-minute workouts. This is an ideal program to really challenge yourself and give you a consistent goal to reach.
Past Lives: Featuring pre-recorded live sessions that occur each week on the Quiet Punch A.I. app. Be able to stay current with each live workout as they happen.
Quiet Punch Level Programs
I know what you are thinking... "this should be advanced right?" We believe here at Quiet Punch that we are really catering to all people so rather than call them advanced we would much rather say this is the level that truly defines our Quiet Punch Family. So all are welcome!
QP 2010 Program: 20 workouts each 10-minutes long. This is one of our flagship programs really focusing on slowly advancing you each day of the routines. We highly recommend this series. Each workout is measured in punch counts so you have an idea of what you are getting into before you start.
QP 2020 Program: 20 workouts each 20-minutes long. This program is what really defines what it means to be a part of the Quiet Punch Family. Highly Recommended!
QP Technical: This workout series is for the Quiet Punchers who are looking to step up their technical knowledge and ability. This series is recommended for people who are looking to work on strict skills and technique.
30-45 Min Workouts: A collection of boxing workouts that are longer in length and focus on footwork. Recommended for Quiet Punchers looking to work more on their technique and skill.